High-Quality Mould Production for Precise Casting Using Advanced Technology and Superior Sand Quality

Molding Shop
shape(ARPA 450) Make Saevamangala

Molding Shop

The process of casting begins by using top-notch moulds. As a result, we have made significant investments in producing moulds that ensure our castings have outstanding finishing and precise dimensions.

The sand used in these moulds has to be of exceptionally high quality in creating a mould. The latest technology equipment like simultaneous jolt & squeeze moulding machines, Polygonal Severs, Sand Cooler & Intensive Sand Mixers is being used to maintain the quality level of the sand.

The plant uses mechanized sand preparation plants so that we can adhere to the standard quality guidelines. The moulding machines that we use are equipped to tackle a varied range of products and give the customers a cost-effective solution for the product they are looking for.


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Melting Shop

INDUCTOTHERM (INDIA) Pvt Ltd 550kw IGBT/ 500kg Duraline furnace per month melting capacity of casting is around 550 MT.

Melting Shop
Molding Box Size
  • 24 × 28
Core Shop
  • Cold Box core shooters
  • Shell Core Shooters
  • No-Bake core making facility
  • CO2 core making facility
Quality Checking Equipment Used At Foundry
  • Spectrometer (Bruker)
  • All types of sand testing equipment like Mould hardness, Sand CGS, moisture, compatibility.
  • Casting hardness testing machine.
  • Digital Pyrometer.
  • On line Carbon Silicon Analyser
Sand Plant (Vijay Engineers & Fabricators)
  • Dust Collector System
  • PLC Control System
  • Knockout System
  • Elevator System
  • Cooling System
  • Mixing System
  • Skip Charger System
  • Moulding System
  • Metal Handling & Pouring System
  • Fettling System

Quality Control

Chemical Analysis
  • In house spectrometer.
  • All heats poured are tested on-line on Spectrometer
  • Specimens are stored for a particular period
Physical Testing
  • In house Hardness Testing Machine.
  • In house Impact test Machine.

Our Infrastructure

Molding Machine – ARPA 450
Box Size : 24” x 28”

Cold box Core
Shooter – 10 Kg

Shot Blasting
Machine – 500 Kg

Pattern Rack - 200
Storage Capacity

Maini Stacker
1000 Kg Max Capacity

Brucker Spectro

Brinell Hardness

Kaeser compressor
25 HP

Sarvamangala Molding
25 HPMachine ARPA 450

Sand Quality Checking Equipment Used At Foundry

Digital Permeability Testers
Sand Rammer
Sand Siever-1
Mold Hardness Tester

Machine List

No. Machine Name Quantity
1 Hartford Model-HCMC1682 01 Nos
2 TAL VERTIMACH V-650 01 Nos
3 COSMOS CVM-800 02 Nos
4 CNC Turning Center 02 Nos
5 Radial Drilling 01 Nos
6 Horizontal Boring 01 Nos
VMC Machines
TAL Vertimach
VMC Machines-01
Cosmos CVM
VMC Machines-02
VMC Machines-03
VMC Machines-04
ACE Micromatic
VMC Machines-05
CMM Machine